KawaiiSwap explained
The intersection of DeFi yield farming and gamification protocols
We enrich traditional yield farming experience with gamification features. By connecting gaming world with farming platform through Layers we provide constant utility to the native token therefore ensuring continuous growth of the project.
KawaiiSwap users are able to win tokens and NFTs in games run on the platform or complete quests to gain APR boosts. NFTs can be traded on the marketplace or used for in-game activities. Governance token CALCIFIRE holders are able to become shareholders and receive dividends just by holding tokens in the wallet as well as to participate in decision-making process.
KawaiiSwap project is backed by the team of professional developers and belongs to "Brainstorm Digital" Ltd company. Our vision is to extend user interaction with the platform way beyond yield farming platform by creating fictional world with play to earn model that combines traditional RPG experience with NFT ownership.
Last modified 9mo ago
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